Wellness Seminar - Feedback Form

We appreciate your help in evaluating this introductory Wellness Seminar. The information received will help us improve future sessions. Please rate the items below by ticking the appropriate response as it applies to your experience. Please also make comments where appropriate.
Content & Format *
Content & Format
1. I have an overall understanding of what wellness is.
2. As a result of the seminar, I am more self-aware regarding the kinds of stress I face in work and in life in general (both eustress and distress).
3. I have some practical resources that I can use to start a conversation on wellness/stress with others during 'crunch'.
4. I have a fuller understanding of the expectations of others during 'crunch'.
5. I have some ideas on how to support myself and others during 'crunch' (e.g. food, sleep, mindfulness, relaxation ideas).
Seminar Facilitator *
Seminar Facilitator
6. The seminar facilitator was organised and well-prepared.
7. The seminar facilitator was knowledgeable in the content areas.
Overall Rating *
Overall Rating
8. I enjoyed this introductory wellness seminar.
9. I would recommend this and similar Conexus seminars / programmes.
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