‘We were very fortunate to have Patrick lead our break-out sessions at the Think Forward Leadership Experience in Amsterdam. The objectives of the sessions were to better understand our management purpose and to build an Individual Development Plan. Patrick did an excellent job of coaxing/cajoling us all into better understanding our strengths and to translating that understanding into an effective plan to deliver on our life and career goals. Patrick’s warm personality and detailed insights on performance culture combined to create enjoyable and targeted training sessions. “


Chris Turner,  Head of FX Strategy, ING, UK.


Paddy Power Betfair 

‘Often, leadership seminars get a reputation of being fluffy in terms of content but the strong integration of exercises worked really well in making participants think and the key word for me is 'self aware’.’

Shane Walsh, Senior Mentor, Paddy Power Betfair.



‘Very enjoyable and relevant course. High degree of participation which kept energy levels up. Very practical in its focus.’

Dessie Kearney, Senior Manager, Accenture Enterprise Enablement.


‘Due to the nature of this course, I think we needed an extremely competent, well prepared, confident and strong facilitator. Patrick fit the bill perfectly, I’m sure it was a challenge for him. Thanks!’

Darragh Moroney, Senior Manager, Accenture Enterprise Enablement.


'It was really interesting and challenging to the look at Spiral Dynamics in theory, and then to explore what different levels I experience in the various areas of work, volunteer work, and home life. What vmeme is working? Am I just comfortable to operate at green and orange levels , when I know I can jump back to blue or red at any time.'

Name: Dirk van der Flier

Organisation: Gymplus

Title / Role: Chairman


My attendance at Leadership 2020 had a profound effect on me . This was experiential learning at its best. I find myself refreshed as a result of the day with a renewed sense of focus and purpose . I also made some strong connections with some of the other participants whom I hope to see again. All in all I would strong recommend this course or in fact course run by Conexus.

Name: Tom Finlay

Organisation: The Finlay Consultancy

Title / Role: Principal


Leadership 2020 gave me a great opportunity to re-ignite my passion and value for my own skills. The course allows you to step out of the treadmill of daily life and take a chance to really dig into your current mindset in order to bring the positive aspects of your psyche to the fore.

Name: Jason Masterson

Organisation: UCD

Title / Role: Head of Service, UCD Student Services


Fascinating opportunity to learn about the Spiral Dynamics leadership model, where you're style and organisation fit within it and how you can fine tune your style to meet the needs of the team and situation.

Name: Graham Kinch

Organisation: Independent Consultant

Title / Role: Independent Consultant


The Leadership 20/20 course was a great opportunity to take time and reflect on one's own leadership that is almost impossible during a normal working week. I enjoyed hearing about the other participants' experiences and that so many of the activities were both thoughtprovoking and interactive. The day went by really quickly too, so a great sign of a good learning experience.

Name: Margaret O'Donoghue

Organisation: Loreto High School

Title / Role: Principal


Patrick puts together a very well organised and thoroughly thought out day. He clearly has great depth of knowledge about the subjects and their foundations. It was very useful to get an insight into Spiral Dynamics as a tool to assess one's own leadership style and how this might help to lead and manage others of different perspectives.


Organisation: Kate Bowen-Evans Consulting

Title / Role: Independent Humanitarian and Development Consultant


I would definitely recommend Conexus program for companies who want to empower employees and grow leaders not only people that progress in its career.

Name: Mariano Tropea

Organisation: Digicert

Title / Role: Sales Engineer


I really enjoyed the Leadership2020 event. I left with a better sense of my own values as a leader and how these may be different from those around me. I also gained some really practical and tangible learnings about what I want to prioritise this year.  Go with an open mind and trust the process. Some of the exercises have to be experienced before you see the benefit.

Name: Darren Ryan

Organisation: Social Entrepreneurs Ireland

Title / Role: CEO


I would highly recommend this event. The theories covered were extremely interesting and the practical exercises helped me to draw out some surprising personal insights.


Name: Andrew Good

Organisation: OpenHydro Technology Ltd.

Title / Role: Site Characterisation & Monitoring Manager



Testimonial (a short note on your personal experience and / or takeaways from the day that you would be happy for others to read):: The day was very enjoyable and informative. There was a very relaxed atmosphere created from the start of the day which allowed people to share openly and honestly. I would highly recommend any course organised by Conexus. Excellent programme, a very relaxed atmosphere yet very professional. 

Name: Sheila Drum

Organisation: Dominican College Sion Hill

Title / Role: Principal