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Working with Millennials

Conexus specialises in helping organisations engage, retain and develop their Millennial leaders through coaching and leadership programmes.

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are those employees aged from their early-twenties to mid-thirties. They compose 50% of the global workforce and are often considered by management as being:

  • Overly confident
  • Seeking too much responsibility too soon
  • Requiring lots of feedback
  • 'Troublesome': clashing with management"

They typically leave their role every two years, lowering productivity, damaging moral and costing employers thousands in the rehiring process. 

However, Millennials are:

  • The most technologically advanced generation
  • Highly entrepreneurial
  • Motivated by challenge

Our coaching and development programmes can help you: 

  • Engage your Millennials
  • Develop their leadership behaviours within the context of your organisation’s culture
  • Give your organisation the long-term edge in:
  • Understanding the younger consumer demographic
  • Matching product ideas with emerging market opportunities

75% of the global workforce will be Millennials by 2025, so first-mover advantage will go to those who effectively engage the next generation of Millennial leaders today.


Millennial Engagement, Coaching & Leadership Development 

Conexus uses individual and group coaching methodologies for Millennial Engagement and Leadership Development. The purpose of coaching is to develop effective leaders who will drive the organisation forward. The coaching process facilitates clients to become aware of their behaviours, clarify their values and purpose and take more ownership for their role in the organisation. 

A diagnostic phase is central to all of our coaching and engagement programmes. Psychometric assessments, such as the ECR™, are just one of the diagnostic tools we use to identify areas for Millennial coaching and development:

Emotional Capital Report (ECR)™

Global companies such as Boeing, Shell and BNY Mellon all use the Emotional Capital Report™ to develop leaders, select talent and improve performance. It is backed by
ten years of empirical analysis and a database of 10,000 participants.

‘Knowledge is only the first of two important assets in business. The second is emotional capital – the feelings, beliefs, perceptions and values that people hold when they engage with any business. It’s the emotional assets in your organization that determine whether or not people will work well for you, buy from you, employ you and enter into business with you.’ 

Dr. Martyn Newman, EQ author and ECR™ developer
Executive Director, RocheMartin


Millennial Engagement Programmes 

Our programmes are co-created with your organisation’s leaders and will address the various behaviours that Millennial individuals and teams display in the following four areas:

Coaching |

Communication |

Challenge |

Conditions |

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