'I've benefitted greatly from Patrick’s wisdom and counsel as I seek to become a leader worth following in today's ultra-competitive marketplace.

There are precious few thought leaders who truly understand the increasing necessity for emotional intelligence in corporate leadership. Patrick's background and skillset uniquely qualifies him to both speak and coach into this area, which is a crucial learning area for many executives.'

John Foong, Director, Global Strategic Partnerships, Google.

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‘I had the opportunity to work with Patrick both personally as a coachee, and as a team for leadership program. To start with the latter, this has been the most effective leadership program I’ve attended in my career, as Patrick has a completely bespoke approach for each different team. This tailored approach is very rare as most leadership programs I’ve attended were always standard and did not have any alterations to different teams. His flexibility, calmness and iterative approach have turned even the most difficult conversations to positive outcomes. I can still feel the positive influence and energy after months, and it still helps us as a team to operate at our maximum, to decide effectively and to maintain the trust.

As a coachee, Patrick has been a great influencer in almost a leap frog in my life. Not only he has helped me to deep dive once again in my values, personality, life purpose, but also widened my perspective to unleash my true potential, my true self as a leader. Hence I strongly recommend Patrick for those who would like themselves and their teams to be at their best!’

Gulru Atak, Managing Director, Global Innovation Lead for Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi.

‘Commit to it. Don’t go in half hearted.’

Dave Thompson, Chief Administrative Officer, TTS Global Innovation, Citi.

‘Super beneficial. Adapted on the fly to address the important issues.’

Donal McCarthy, Head of Innovation, Citi Innovation Labs Dublin, Citi.

‘Really valuable session and content. Exceptional facilitation/coach/’therapy’(!!).’

Marie Geraghty, Senior Product Manager, EMEA Receivables, Citi Innovation Labs Dublin, Citi.


'I really enjoyed working with Patrick in both individual coaching and in group facilitation. He is fully present and attentive, providing relevant insights and perspectives to broaden thought processes, taking things to the next level.'

Mark Castellino, Global HR Director, Mölnlycke Health Care.



Leadership Development Programmes

'RLG is an organization operating in over 80 countries globally.  Bringing the senior leadership from our Compliance Solutions Division together with Conexus for two days of leadership development was of significant value to our organization.  The session facilitated and led by Patrick which focused on Emotional Intelligence and Belbin Team roles enabled the team to work together closely,  form better working relationships and leverage broader skillsets to drive our customer centered organization to greater success.'

Jean Cox-KearnsExec VP Compliance Solutions, Reverse Logistics Group.


‘We were very fortunate to have Patrick lead our break-out sessions at the Think Forward Leadership Experience in Amsterdam. The objectives of the sessions were to better understand our management purpose and to build an Individual Development Plan. Patrick did an excellent job of coaxing/cajoling us all into better understanding our strengths and to translating that understanding into an effective plan to deliver on our life and career goals. Patrick’s warm personality and detailed insights on performance culture combined to create enjoyable and targeted training sessions. “

Chris Turner,  Head of FX Strategy, ING Bank, UK.




'I really enjoyed the Leadership 2020 event. I left with a better sense of my own values as a leader and how these may be different from those around me. I also gained some really practical and tangible learnings about what I want to prioritise this year.  Go with an open mind and trust the process. Some of the exercises have to be experienced before you see the benefit.'

Darren Ryan, CEO, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland.


'I would highly recommend the Conexus leadership workshop - it is a fantastic opportunity to step back and reflect on your leadership practice. The approach was practical, experiential interspersed with just the right amount of up to date theory. It was great to work with a diverse group of engaged professionals!'

Dr. Mary Collins, Senior Executive Development Specialist, RCSI.


‘Very enjoyable and relevant course. High degree of participation which kept energy levels up. Very practical in its focus.’

Dessie Kearney, Senior Manager, Accenture Enterprise Enablement.


'As someone who has an intense curiosity in all thinks leadership and development I found the session very powerful. I learned what makes me tick (both professionally and personally), what core values I want on 'my inner scorecard' and a great framework to lead others all in one session. Patrick, and the team, are very professional and know how to make sure everyone engages to gets the most from the experience in the group in an authentic way. I look forward to the next one!'

Paul Higgins, Global M&A Team (Europe, Latin America & Africa), Accenture.


'The day provided fresh perspectives and practical exercises to bring back to my team. I feel better equipped to take on leadership behaviours when navigating workplace relationships and fostering team culture.'

Richie Somerville, Operations Manager, Google.


'It was really interesting and challenging to the look at Spiral Dynamics in theory, and then to explore what different levels I experience in the various areas of work, volunteer work, and home life.'

Dirk van der Flier, Chairman, Gymplus.


‘Due to the nature of this course, I think we needed an extremely competent, well prepared, confident and strong facilitator. Patrick fit the bill perfectly, I’m sure it was a challenge for him. Thanks!’

Darragh Moroney, Senior Manager, Accenture Enterprise Enablement.


'I probably came away with more questions than answers but that's a good thing because I know what questions to be asking. The challenge will be making the practical element stick but since the course, I've done my best to implement what we learnt. I particularly started to consider how to manage personalities (including myself) in our workplace and design processes & systems accordingly...I strongly recommend anyone in a management position to have a go.'

Andrew Fulton, Managing Director, Dawson Andrews.


' I attended the Conexus 2020 leadership event in Dublin and found it to be an interesting, engaging day from start to finish. Patrick is a talented communicator and delivered a professional, content-rich day in an interactive, relaxed way that resonated well with the whole group. Personally, the event really benefited my understanding of my own leadership style and values. The session on mindfulness and sample exercises was also a key takeaway. Overall, I would strongly recommend Conexus for leadership and development training both in a personal and corporate setting.'

Ross Mackey, Vice President, Blackrock.


'An excellent workshop and journey into self-awareness and appreciation. Patrick is a top class presenter with a depth of wisdom and insight that he is generously willing to share. Inspiring experience for any leader who wants to build emotional capital, self actualise and draw out others’ talent.'

John Broderick, Director, RocheMartin Ltd.


'The Conexus workshop gave me the opportunity to really think about who I am as a leader and how I interact with others. It was both thought-provoking and practical and I feel ready to make real changes to how I work in order to get the best from myself and from my team.'

Nikki Hegarty, Director of Business Development, Deloitte.


'My attendance at Leadership 2020 [in January 2018] had a profound effect on me . This was experiential learning at its best. I find myself refreshed as a result of the day with a renewed sense of focus and purpose . I also made some strong connections with some of the other participants whom I hope to see again. All in all I would strong recommend this course or in fact any course run by Conexus.'

Tom Finlay, Principal, The Finlay Consultancy.


'Leadership 2020 gave me a great opportunity to re-ignite my passion and value for my own skills. The course allows you to step out of the treadmill of daily life and take a chance to really dig into your current mindset in order to bring the positive aspects of your psyche to the fore.'

Jason Masterson, Head of Service, UCD Student Services, University College Dublin.


‘Often, leadership seminars get a reputation of being fluffy in terms of content but the strong integration of exercises worked really well in making participants think and the key word for me is 'self aware’.’

Shane Walsh, Senior Mentor, Paddy Power Betfair.


'I would definitely recommend Conexus programs for companies who want to empower employees and grow leaders not only people that progress in its career.'

Mariano Tropea, Sales Engineer, Digicert.


'I would highly recommend this event. The theories covered were extremely interesting and the practical exercises helped me to draw out some surprising personal insights.'

Andrew Good, Site Characterisation & Monitoring Manager, OpenHydro Technology Ltd.


'Leadership 2020 enables you to take a step back and understand more what is happening in your organisation and within yourself. I found it incredibly useful to understand other people's motivations and help figure out why things happen the way they do. The key thing is to actually then try apply what you've learnt as soon as you get back into your office or working environment.'

Hugh O'Flanagan, Associate, Kouchin Holdings.


'A hybrid of learning/understanding and being under pressure has been my professional friend. It was lovely to put away the pressure and spend a day on learning, investing almost exclusively in myself. Over the course of a day I picked up some new knowledge, some new techniques and ideas, but more than this I picked up a welcomed boost to being a more inspiring, compassionate leader.'

John Lyons, Senior Commercial Manager, Dublin Airport.


'Sometimes its easy to forget our values and what inspired us to a particular job. Are my values the same, have they changed?...I feel I learned lots about myself and I come away from the seminar more focused on the future. I found the presenter really engaging and he held my attention throughout the day which is impressive.'

Leah Flood, Social Worker, TUSLA.


'In 2014 Conexus undertook a coaching programme at the Host Ireland Business Broadband offices, working with our upper management team. The process resulted in more open communication and the identification of our emerging talent. The coaching provided by Conexus resulted in our managers taking more initiative and personal responsibility for the day-to-day running of our business. The result of this coaching significantly enhanced the productivity of our managers and was in my opinion an excellent investment.'

Ben Kitchin, Director & COO, Host Ireland Business Broadband.